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Breakfast and Extra Club

Breakfast and Extra Club

Breakfast & Extra

PH Camps are offering a Breakfast and Extra Club service to those of you who need a little more time either side of the normal Camp day.

Breakfast Club 8.00-9.00am

Do you need that extra bit of time in the morning?

Our breakfast club allows you to worry a little less about that morning rush! You can drop your child off anytime between 8:00-9:00am. We will provide your child with a breakfast full of the energy needed for a morning of fun-filled activities. We ensure that every child can participate in an hour full of fun and enjoyment! If you need that extra 1 hour every morning and want your child experiencing 1 hour longer full of action packed games then. book online now.  

And are you looking for an extra time at the end of the day?

Extra Club 3.00-5:30pm

New To PH Camps!!

All venues except for three will be running till 5:30pm, these are Bathford and Forest & Sandridge until 4:00pm and Castle Mead until 4:30pm.

PH Camps provides another additional service with an extra two and a half hours of Extra Club at the end of the day; this runs from 3:00pm up to 5:30pm at selected venues  and just like with breakfast club you can pick your child up anytime in the hour. This hour involves sport, craft and endless fun finishing the day off in true camp style!

You can book Breakfast & Extra Clubs online, these are booked alongside the tickets for camps.

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