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Our amazing activity camps!

At PH Camps, we offer such a wide range of different physical and non-physical camp activities, there is something for all types of children. All of our great camp activities are sure to get everyone engaged and enjoying themselves!

We offer a wide range of sports, arts & crafts, camp games, creative activities and more. Some of these awesome camp activities include alternative sports which will be new for some, but fun and exciting for all! The activities covered are; Mountain boarding, Rock-it ball, Indo-boarding and other exciting extreme sports. Alongside those PH Camps run the more commonly known sports for the more mainstream sports stars. Come and join us for Football, Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Tag Rugby and many more.

Our activities combined with our experienced staff ensure that all children will have a brilliant time with us and will be wanting to come back again and again.

We are always looking for different and exciting activities to offer our campers.

On the less physical side of camps, we offer Art. A chance for the children to be creative and imaginative. They will get a chance to paint, draw and even make amazing things out of the equipment in our big art boxes! These activities test a variety of skills, individual creativity, team work and also big build construction.

The activities we offer are not limited to the ones listed here; we do what we can to provide a hugely diverse range of games, sports and adventures for everyone at PH Camps.

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