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Camp Locations

If you are intrested in PH Camps and would like to know whether we cover your area then come and see all of our Camp Location using our virtual map. Just click the yellow spots to find out the school and postal address. If you see your location don’t hesitate to visit our Events page for more information


Do We Run a Camp Near You?

Are we close? Do you need more information or just need to clear up any concerns or queries? We’ve got you covered, please see our FAQ’s page and contact page for more information.

PH Camps have a wide spread of activities at all our venues aimed to include every individual.  The common sports for the sporty, the creative arts for the creative and the unusual, alternative sports for the thrill seekers.  is this for you but require a bit more detail on what we offer, don’t worry we have you there as well. Follow the link towards Camp Activities with an insight into a day plan at PH Camps.

Now you’ve got around all of this, we will be delighted to take your Camp Booking via our new and improved online system just follow our link to the Events page and select the venue you require.

If you require more information about the Locations don’t hesitate to contact us.

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