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Childcare vouchers

Childcare Vouchers for PH Camps

Childcare Vouchers

What is the Childcare Voucher scheme?

The voucher scheme works by allowing you to buy childcare vouchers (which can be used to pay for childcare) directly from your gross salary – before tax and national insurance are deducted.

How do you book & pay by Childcare Vouchers?

Bookings can be made easily by calling the Wiltshire office (HQ) on 01225 701830 or alternatively using the online booking system. When booking, please name your childcare voucher, also which venue you would like your child to attend and our friendly staff will talk you through the process.

I have paper vouchers, how do I pay?

Please call the Wiltshire office to confirm the dates and venue that you would like your child to attend. Then just bring the childcare voucher with you and give it to a member of staff and they will do the rest furthermore they can also be posted it to us.

If you scheme is not listed below, please contact us and we will register with your provider.


For Parents –

Childcare provider ID number: 831901


Computer Share

For Parents –

Carer Name – PH Sports Coaching

Carer ID Number – 0016417046



For Parents –

Carer name – PH Sports Coaching LTD


Edenred Childcare Vouchers

For Parents –

Carer name – PH Sports Coaching LTD

Or they need our Account Number- P20903915


Fideliti Childcare Vouchers

For Parents-

Carer name – PH Sports Coaching

ID number – PHS001C


AllSave Vouchers


Co-op vouchers



Reg No: 90907333


Kiddi Vouchers:



Carer ID: PH2859


Enjoy Benefits:


If you have any queries regarding the childcare vouchers then please email or ring 01225 701830



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