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Holiday Camps Day Plan

What does a typical day on our holiday camps look like?

This is a brief outline of a day plan at PH holiday camps. On the day, children will have choices on which activities they would like to do during the day. They have the choice to take part in different sports and art activities with the chance to try new activities such as Indo boarding, Ultimate Frisbee Kings and Queens and other challenges set by the PH Camps staff.

We always play big sports and games during the day, where it’s children vs coaches. The children have breaks during the day and have 30 minutes to eat their lunch and then have 30 minutes to play some games before the activities start again.

We offer breakfast club, running from 8.00-9.00. The children have a choice of cereal for breakfast with an option of either juice or water for drink. After the children have eaten, we will play some of our amazing activities to start their day with a bang. During this club, we encourage all children to interact with both the staff and the other children to provide a fun working environment for all involved.

We also provide extra club which runs 3.00-4.00. This provides the children with more super sports, art activities and also gives the children, the chance to wind down in the last hour, of a busy day. Please see our breakfast and extra page.

Camp Activities

PH holiday camps provide different activities on every camp we run. We want the children to play and learn different games so they can play them with friends and have fun at the same time whilst, they’re on PH Camps.We always provide different sports on our camps, such as Football, Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance and cricket. Also, we provide different art activities for the children who want to show off there creative side with big and small art projects though out the week.During the week the children will try different sporting activities such as Indo boarding, Ultimate Frisbee, Paralympic sports and alternative sports.We provide games such as Camp games, Challenging Games and Discovery games and suitable for all ages to play. Here are some of the activities games we do during the week:

Camp Games – This is where everyone gets to play games such as: Kings and Queens, Bench ball, Capture the flag and 40/40 in. These Games are great fun for children of all ages and even for adults too.

Challenging Games – This is were the PH Camps staff set the children a challenge to complete and see if they can beat the challenge/game such as: Rescue,  A bridge to Far, The Square and Sheep and River Crossing

Discovery Games – Discovery games is where the children play and work in a small or big team and have to work out how to complete tasks in a team. the games we play on camps are: Electric Fence, I’m on holiday, Get me out of here, Shelter Building and Orienteering

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