The PH Camps management team brings a variety of ideas, knowledge and experience making the Holiday Camps exciting and unique for both staff and children.

Tom Oakley – Manager

Hi, I’m Tom Oakley,  I started working with PH Sports in 2014 and have worked on that side of the business before moving across to PH Camps. My roles were looking after the website, online ticketing as well as coordinating art activities and assisting in the day to day running of PH Camps.

My role has now changed since taking on the role of Camps Manager. I am now responsible for the entire PH Camps and making sure everything is running as it should be.

Adam Kenich- Assistant Manager

My name is Adam Kenich, I have been working at PH Sports since September 2017 I started off as an apprentice and found my way to now be a full time member of staff and since then I have always been on the Camps team where at the start of my career my jobs involved, making sure the art boxes were filled, the first aid boxes were filled and all first aid equipment was fully stocked. This meant having to conduct stock checks after every camps and if anything needed to be ordered it was my job to make sure this happened.

This year I have taken on updating the website, choosing a theme for our camp, finding art & crafts activities and also ordering all equipment needed to make our arts & crafts happen.  My main role is to make sure I plan what is happening with arts & crafts, I research ideas which then goes to a vote so the all the staff get to vote, once the theme has been decided, I find activities for the children to do, I find all the equipment needed and it gets added into the art boxes.

During camps we can work at a variety of venues where we meet a variety of children and a variety of personalities. My favourite venue to work at is Rowde, this is due to the facilities they have for Gymnastics, camp games and also the space they have for outside play, this gives us a great opportunity to play a variety to outdoor games if the weather allows it of course.

Jake Davies – Equipment

Hi. I’m Jake Davies. I have been a part of PH Camps since September 2018. I have the job role of keeping track of orders consisting of first aid and all art equipment needed for our camp theme.  I also have the job role of putting together art, data and Ofsted folders. It’s important these folders are made to allow all our camps to run smoothly. Within each folder are art projects, a set day plan and up to date policies.

As well as folders I have the job of getting the equipment prepared to be delivered. I do this by preparing boxes for each camp. I must make sure there is the correct amount of equipment going to each camp for the children to be able to use for the length of camps.

I have previously done Rowde and Forest & Sandridge camps. My favorite camp games to run are variety of dodgeball and capture the flag games, such as kings and queens and doctor dodgeball.

Adam Taylor- Equipment

Hi, I’m Adam Taylor; I have been working for PH Camps since October 2018. My roles as an apprentice are: organizing the various camp boxes which are used daily such as: art boxes, stationary boxes, breakfast boxes and admin folders. In order to complete all of these jobs I contribute a lot of time to ensure that all of the equipment is where it should be and this allow us to provide high quality camps at the end of term.

As well as helping to organise the camps prior to half term, I am also responsible for helping run camps each day. I do not have a set camp, so I could be placed at any one of our eight camps; however my favourite venue to work at is Forest & Sandridge in Melksham because they have great facilities which are perfect for indoor sports such as dodgeball and gymnastics as well a large outdoor space for games such as 40/40 in.

Kira Borlase- Social Media

Emily Eavis- Payment & Bookings

Hi, I’m Emily Eavis. I have been part of PH Camps since September 2018. I have the job role of payments and bookings. Regarding the payments I have to check every day what payments have come in and update the spreadsheet, I have to also add the cash payments after camps. When doing bookings I check the bookings that have come in add them to the registers, and make sure the parents account is looking correct.

My favorite camp to work at is Castle Mead, the kids are all great and there is a wide range of activities we can do, including outside play, we’re lucky there to have a great playground and a huge field that can be used. At Castle Mead we also play inside games and complete a lot of arts & crafts. The best games to play are kings and queens and dodgeball.

Rian Drake- Community Pages

My name is Rian Drake, I started working for PH sports in September 2018. I am currently an apprentice working in the Hampshire area, who is also in charge of camps within this area. As well as this, I am part of the camps team alongside a couple of employees from Wiltshere area.

My job within the Camps team is to plan delivery routes for the leaflets and assign each member of Hampshire to the route which suits them best. As well as this, the leaflets need sorting out into piles and put with the correct route, depending on how many each school are required to receive.

My Favorite venue to work at was at Durley Primary School. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this, personally my favorite thing to do on camps in dodgeball; I look forward to working at new venues in the future.