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Management Team

The PH Camps management team brings a variety of ideas, knowledge and experience making the Holiday Camps exciting and unique for both staff and children.


Ben Cooper – PH Camps Manager

My Name is Ben Cooper and I am the PH Camp Manager.

I have been working for PH Camps for three years and find it a great company to work for. Before I worked for PH camps, I worked abroad working on different camps sites and being a Camps entertainment manager too.

I am in charge of the Camps management team and making sure that everything is going to plan before the camps start. I make sure that the week plans are great so that the children have an amazing week. During camps week I visit every Camp venue to make sure that the children are having an excellent time and sing them the ‘PH Camp themed song’ every time I come and see them.

I make sure that that children have a great experience on camp, whist also focusing on safeguarding and welfare for every child too. Also making sure that children aged four and five go home with an EYFS feedback from on how they got on during the Camp day.

In my spare time, I’m a lover for the outdoors and very adventurous person. You’ll find me watching my local rugby team or riding my horse every weekend.


Tom Oakley – Assistant Manager

Hi, I’m Tom Oakley, I have been working for PH Camps for 18 months. I started working with PH Sports in 2014 and have worked on that side of the business before moving across to PH Camps. My roles are looking after the website, online ticketing as well as co-ordinating art activities and assisting in the day to day running of PH Camps.

My main role is the website and tickets making sure that everything runs smoothly and the booking system is accessible for all parents. I also create the tickets and embed those within our website events pages to make bookings easier for everyone.

My role during the running of camps is to ensure they are running as smoothly as possible. Therefore I do not have a set venue during holidays, I move around Wiltshire and Somerset giving help and guidance to other staff members when required.



Kirsty Mead – Business Manager

Hi, I’m Kirsty Mead, I have been with PH Camps for 3 years, and my role within the team is to ensure all admin is up to date.  I make sure all venues are booked and safe for the children as well as making sure that the venue has the equipment we need to run our camps successfully.

I update the registers to make sure the children are booked on to the correct camps. My final role is to update and add new childcare vouchers for parents to pay for camps.

I mainly work on the camp at Kingdown school in Warminster during the school holidays as a camp leader. My main activities are Dance, Gymnastics and Netball but also enjoy all art and sports activities with the children.


Abby Miles – Social Media Officer

My name is Abby Miles and I began working for PH Camps in summer 2016. As of September that year I took up the option of doing the Apprenticeship with PH Sports.

When our camps run during the holidays I mainly work at King’s Lodge Camp in Chippenham.

My role within PH Camps is to update all social media ranging from Facebook, Twitter and sending out regular newsletters about camps. It’s important to keep all our customers up to date with the latest news on camp, camps venues and our offers we have running.

The other role that I have is to ensure that we have all the correct first aid at all of our camps. I stock take, plan and order anything I need to before the Camps start.


Ed Warland – Community Officer

Hello, my name is Ed and I’ve worked with PH Camps for 2 years. I started during my apprenticeship with PH Sports and have loved every minute.

My main role within PH Camps is to work with the community and local websites. Posting newsletters and updates about our Camps. I also assist with the website updates and I am the main Camps contact in the Hampshire region.

During the Camps, I mainly work on the camp at Kimpton Primary School. I have done this since the start of my career. I really enjoy the Camps and everything I do behind the scenes.

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