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Ofsted Registration

Our Camps are Ofsted Registered

Ofsted are responsible for the care of children and young people, in education and skills for learners of all ages.

As a Holiday Camp provider, PH Camps have registered their venues to meet the Ofsted guidelines.

Set below shows all of the Registration numbers currently held by PH Camps.  If a number is not listed it will be available as soon as the registration is complete…


EY Number

Registration Date

Bathford Primary School EY542214 06/12/2016
Kimpton Primary School EY542213 06/12/2016
Kingdown Primary School EY541264 06/12/2016
King’s Lodge Primary School EY541245 06/12/2016
Rowde Primary School EY541244 06/12/2016
St Martins Primary School EY542215 06/12/2016

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