Holiday camp blog

While on camps we put a bit of a challenge out there. We asked a couple of children to write a small piece for our new blog. You can check the first one out below.


What I got up to on camps in February

On Monday we did Hollywood Pictures theme and popcorn paper. In the Hollywood picture theme we did 2 handprints with a star in the middle, our name and the year we were born at the bottom. For art we also did a popcorn paper where we drew a popcorn box and with PVA glue stuck cotton buds on top. During sport I did football and enjoyed both art and sport.

On Tuesday in art we did a Inside Out mood board where we painted cardboard black and made 5 different feelings. In bubble writing we wrote “I am feeling” and attached feelings on our board. We also added some string to the top. In sport we did gymnastics and tag rugby, I enjoyed all 3 things.

Thursday and Friday in art we made a Doctor Who’s Tardis. We made the Tardis out of cardboard, then painted it blue, added a sign and windows and left it to dry. In sport on Thursday we did hockey and benchball, we really enjoyed both things. In sport on Friday we did football and dodgeball. It was TV & film week so we watched the BFG on Friday, my favourite part was when they drank frog scuttle.

I had lots of fun on camp!

Ariana, Kingdown Camp, February