We provide holiday camps throughout the school holidays.

We run sport, arts & crafts, adventure, and extreme activities on our holidaycamps.

What we do

Our normal day contains a variety of different activities suitable for all ages and will keep everyone entertained.

Our range of very popular holiday camps can be found on this website under our book camps page. You can book our holiday camps online via the website or take a look at our social media.

Our normal day contains a variety of different activities suitable for all ages and will keep everyone entertained. We run individual sporting games as well as team-building games, we also stretch the imagination into our alternative and extreme sports options. Teamwork and communication are key in our team games which is great for the children to make new friends. At PH Camps the children will get the opportunity to take part in art projects throughout the week. We do both big and small projects using a wide range of materials. Your children can also take these projects home at the end of the day or week.

Our sports activities range from football, cricket, tag rugby to skateboarding, indo-boarding, and archery. These activities are entertaining, fun, and highly enjoyable for all participants. We also run mini-competitions throughout the week for children who want to challenge themselves in various activities.

For more information around any of the activities stated above, see the activities page for an explanation, where you will also find a copy of our day plan.

If you have any questions regarding Holiday Camps then please call us or email us.