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What time are you open?

Standard opening of 09:00 – 15:00. Breakfast club runs from 08:00 – 09:00  and extended club runs from 15:00 – 17:30.

How much is breakfast club and extended club?

Breakfast club is £3.75 per day or £15 for a week booking. Extended club is £9 per day or £36 for a week booking. 

What activities do we run during the day?

For a full list of activities please see the link below;

What if my child doesn’t like sports?

There are activities for everyone and anyone, we offer  sports for the sporty children who want to get involved and arts and games for the non-sporty. The PH Camp team will make everyone feel welcome and engaged in different activities. 

What do parents need to provide?
Does your child need to be in sports clothing?

Your child can wear whatever they would like providing they can take part in all activities and have sensible footwear. Some equipment used for craft activity may make contact with clothing so we suggest not wearing your best outfit. 

Can we pay on the day for camp?

No, PH Camps have gone cashless. If you would like to book the morning of the camp please phone the office number. This can be found

What vouchers do we accept?

For a full list of childcare vouchers please go to

How can you book?

You can book via our website (, Email us ( or By phone (01225 701830)

What age range do we cover?

We take from age 4-14.

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